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8RP Reader Processors  
M5/M3000 Options: 8RP  

The 8RP is an eight-port reader option board suitable for use with F/2F and supervised F/2F readers.

The 8RP is compatible with all M5 and M3000 microcontrollers and access control system software.
8RP, Product Photo (8RP); 76.0 KB|8RP|0

Standard Features

Allows up to 16 readers per microcontroller |Supports F/2F proximity readers |Supports supervised F/2F proximity readers |Can be used with Wiegand Interface Unit to support |Wiegand readers |Built-in, pull-up resistors |Up to 8 DO, one per reader

Product Options

8Rp Reader Interface, 12Vdc F/2F And Supervised F/2F Readers, No Provision For Rex Or Door Status Contacts. M/5-All Versions, Not In Combination With 2Rp Or 2Srp;110100501;110100501.aspx|
Spare Parts

Licenses and Options

Support Agreements and Upgrades